CS2/4 Pressure Switch

Compact Series

Ex d / Ex ia / WP

The model CS2 and CS4 Presure Switches are suitable for setpoints between 0.25bar and 700bar with maximum working pressures up to 1000bar

  1. Compact design
    The CS Series switches are all housed in a stainless steel compact and rugged enclosure making them particularly suitable for panel mounting in harsh environments
  2. Hermetically sealed switches
    All models in the Compact Series come with hermetically sealed switch contacts and flying leads as standard.
  3. Better than 1% set-point repeatability
    Users can expect a set-point repeatability performance better than 1% on all configurations with some configurations being significantly better
  4. Safety
    All Compact Series models come with a safety vent to prevent the enclosure becoming pressurized in the event that the sensor is inadvertently damaged by excessive pressure. In addition, all models have been certified for use in safety systems up to and including SIL 2 with HFT=0 (1oo1) and SIL 3 with HFT=1 (1oo2).
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  • Instrumentation repairs
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The Compact Series switch has been designed to meet the specific requirements of panel applications, whether they be of the Wellhead Control, Hydraulic Power Unit or Chemical Injection Skid type.

Their compact, rugged, all stainless steel construction makes them especially useful in the cramp and harsh environmental conditions that these applications demand. Supplied as standard with hermetically sealed switch contacts and with field adjustable set-points up to 700bar, the Compact Series Switches also come with either Intrinsically Safe or Flameproof approvals for use in Zone 0 or Zone 1 hazardous areas respectively.