New Nuclear Qualified Fast Reaction Air Temperature switch

Delta Controls launches new Nuclear Qualified Fast Reaction Air Temperature switch

The measurement of air temperature in and around the nuclear containment area is an important parameter indicating whether a problem has occurred, possibly a line break resulting in steam or coolant water loss.

Delta Controls, one of the leading manufacturers of nuclear qualified instrumentation has, after testing to meet seismic and radiation exposure requirements, has launched a new fast reaction air temperature switch for the application and has already secured orders for over 250 units for use inside the containment and the nuclear island of an operational BWR reactor.

The Fast Reaction switch offers many advantages over conventional bulb and capillary systems including ease and cost of installation, significantly improved reaction times and high accuracy and repeatability built around Delta’s proven Nuclear Performance Range of switches.

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Delta Controls Ltd has served the nuclear industry in the UK and overseas for over 40 years. A specialist in pressure, temperature and flow sensors, Delta has provide a range of generic and bespoke instruments to the industry across all the UK Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) and a number of International NPP in a wide variety of applications.  Available products include Class 1E switches, meeting both IEEE and RCC-E requirements, for Nuclear Island use as well as a complete range for the Conventional Island and Balance of Plant.

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