Power Generation

Delta has been designing and manufacturing instrumentation for the power and process industries for over 65 years and has served the power industry since the early modern power stations were built in the UK. Delta were also there at the start of the nuclear age being specified on the first nuclear reactors that were designed and built by the UKAEA over 55 years ago.  

As a specialist in pressure, temperature and flow sensors, Delta has provided a range of generic and bespoke instruments to the industry across all the UK fleet of modern coal, oil and gas fired boilers, and the entire nuclear fleet including Magnox, AGR, PWR and DFR and PFR.

The Project

  • New Build

  - Conventional, Nuclear, CHP, Renewable

  • Water treatment plant
  • Major Plant Refurbishment

  - Old stations re-commissioned

  - Significant plant upgrades

  • Life Extension programmes
  • Safety and Reliability Improvements
  • Product obsolescence support

International Projects

Outside of the UK, Delta Controls’ instruments can be found on most continents where Delta has supported the Owner Operator, the Main Contractors for the main Steam Raising plant, Turbine/Generators or the manufacturers of the major auxiliary equipment.

Examples of applications include   

  • Steam Raising Plant                                      
  • Boiler control systems, Feed-water and Cooling water control and pump systems, temperature control, coal processing and crushing mills, steam generation and heat recovery
  • Turbine and Generator set

 - Vacuum Trip, Oil Jacking systems, Lube oil System, Bearing Pump system, Compressed Air supply, Back-Up generator controls, Condenser and LP Vacuum, Hydrogen Distribution Controls, lubricating systems

  • Auxiliary Plant

  - Fire Protection systems, mechanical seals

  • Power Transmission , hydraulic systems

Product Specification

The range of products supplied include


Pressure and Differential Pressure, Temperature

Flow Transmitters and switches


High and low pressure, vacuum, HI-LO settings

Low Deadband – high accuracy

Pressure and Differential pressure

Temperature switches and sensors, thermo-elements and thermowells


Bourdon tube, Capsule, Diaphragm type sensors for pressure. Bimetal or gas expansion system for temperature measurement. Double Diaphragms for differential pressure measurement.

Bespoke products

In addition to our standard range of instruments, we have also developed bespoke products for many of our customers whenever a technical solution cannot readily be found ‘off the shelf’.

Our team of engineers are ready to discuss your exact requirements to ensure the product you need for your application is correctly specified and supplied.  Please contact us using our enquiry form or by email.

Recently installed Delta pressure switches for turbine protection during power off loading process